Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bestseller that wasn't

by Tim Gurung, Amazon  Kindle

I bought this book because the author posted on social media that it had just scored an overall Amazon 1 ranking, literally out of the blue with just 5 feedbacks. I had to read this. I had to find out how an average Indie author managed to ace it with such ease. I’m sorry to say that it is bad news on all fronts.

The story sets out describing an idyllic place in a valley by a river with cute little houses “the areas such as kitchen, living and sleeping areas were delineated by a simple curtain hanged on a single string” and “goats provided the necessary intake of milk.....”

“Some young girls were washing clothes at the riverbank, the occasional sounds of domestic dog, cat, and rooster were heard here and there, and the gust of wind walloping down from the great mountain was the only disturbance that the place had to endure for now.”

Then out of nowhere, a group of five appears “their attires were heavy, showing no differences between men and women’s clothing, which radiated sophistication and hence respect.”

Ever so slowly the intruders take over until “The hierarchical position at God’s lands had been reversed, the original masters were dethroned by the outsiders and it was at their mercy the former masters had to live now.”

I tuned out soon after. This book sounds like a bible story for children, translated by a pedantic accountant. To be brutally honest: by whatever mysterious constellation of the Amazon star rankings – this book never, ever merited bestseller status – even if it was for just one day. I will follow up with a deeper look into how it is possible that books like this one can sneak their way into the Amazon No 1 bestseller list.