Sunday, 14 May 2017

Reality Check Day 30

One month in... I know, this might eventually turn into an exercise in self humiliation but I want this Blog to end up as the journal of Addison Marsh's first book adventure. I have some experience in Indie publishing nonfiction and based on that I actually don't think this has been a bad start at all. I really love being an Indie author. In my former life as a traditionally published author my publisher sent me press clippings and an end-of-year statement. Now I can follow the progress daily, see that most of the subscriber readers actually read the full book GREAT! and if somebody tells me they just bought my book I can go and check.
Here is my score card for the first month
Summary month one: 10 Kindle books sold, 3,000 page reads = about 10 readers who read the full story and (not shown here because I use Createspace) 2 print copies sold.