Monday, 29 May 2017

One Day Free Book Trial on Amazon Kindle

111free downloads is not much but if you check the rankings you'll see that it worked - for one day! I don't think it will sell a single extra copy. I did it to give my friends a chance to download the free book and to get a benchmark for a paid book promotion. There are lots of operators who will guarantee you 5,000 or more downloads. The problem is that the publishers have now jumped on the Amazon Kindle wagon and they use providers like Book Bub to push their ware. On the very day I had my promotion I was up against heavy hitters like Harry Potter and the likes. A paid promotion to give away books can actually makes sense if you have other titles in a series, like Potter. What you pay for the give-aways you most likely more than make up with the sales of the other books. However, it is very expensive. Book Bup charges $ 500 - 2,000 for one promotion and that's just to give away books. $ 2,000 is about what most new authors can expect as an advance from a traditional publisher. I think I'll give it a miss but I will use one of the smaller outfits just to test the water.