Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Day I was born

Day 1  when I was born.....

              Day one is actually around day 180. That’s how long it took me to write and edit Fish from the Sky- including two months working on the plotline and getting the basic research done.
I get up at 4am and write around 800 words. Edit. Research. A lot of it went into this particular story. I wanted the historical background to be solid. I write the first and the last chapter simultaneously. It’s easier to write towards a known target.

              I submitted the manuscript to around 20 publishers and agents – I got a few nibbles, was asked for the full manuscript three times but nothing with a signature on it. I had to face the facts. I’m writing submission letters to editors who are younger than my children. The old hack had to go. Addison Marsh, Indie Author, was born.